Calvinism? Arminianism?
There IS another choice

The term volitional theology is used to designate the view that both the Sovereignty of God and the free will of man function together in the universe, with neither being compromised. In His sovereignty, God has CHOSEN to give to His creatures the capacity and the responsibility to make MENTAL decisions concerning the standards of right and wrong as revealed by God. This capacity was not altered through the fall and remains the basis for entering into a relationship with God. God provides the plan of salvation for the entire human race, and individuals relate to that plan through a personal choice of either accepting or rejecting it. Sovereignty does not affect that choice by either "causing" or "preventing" any particular thought expression. But once an individual makes the choice to accept God's plan of salvation, then God's sovereignty seals and secures that person in the plan. All throughout a person's life, he will make both good and bad "mental" decisions; this is the expression of volition or free will. Whether he is ABLE to physically follow through with those decisions is an entirely different issue, for he is finite and may indeed be impotent in "causing" something to happen. Furthermore, God may Himself, choose to prevent the ACTION that is decided upon, but in such cases, the normal function of human volition is still unimpeded.

There are several major bible doctrines that are affected by one's view of the sovereignty of God and the volition of man. Calvinism distorts these doctrines by holding to an unbiblical definition of divine sovereignty, Arminianism distorts them by having an inordinate focus on man's free will. In the various articles that follow, both sovereignty and human volition will be biblically defined, and all of the pertinant doctrines will be discussed.

THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD: Outline and basic application

The FOREKNOWLEDGE OF GOD: A Biblical Summary

MAN'S DEPRAVITY: The sin nature


UNLIMITED ATONEMENT: A universal ransom for sins

For Whom Did Christ Die?, By Lewis Sperry Chafer

Commentary: 2 Corinthians 5:9-21

THE DRAWING OF GOD: God's ministry to the unbeliever
John Chapter Six

1John 5:1a (faith and regeneration)

PREDESTINATION: The plan of God designed before the foundation of the world

Predestination: Summary by Warren Doud of Grace Notes

ELECTION: The placement of the believer into the plan of God

REGENERATION: The doctrine of the new birth


WHY I DISAGREE WITH T.U.L.I.P. An article by Ron Hossack

THE MYTH OF FREE WILL: Article written by Walter Chantry - refuted by R.g. Wallace

SAVING FAITH: Not a Gift from God
Grammatical study of Eph. 2:8-9

Is Faith a gift? Excellent article from Jason's Page

Acts 13:48

Titus 2:11

Romans 9:6-33: Bible Fragrances Commentary

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