Revelation 10:3-11  


Revelation 10:3-11

I don’t think that John received all the visions in one “sitting.” It seems that he received them one at a time over a period of many, many days, if not weeks, or even longer. And according to verse 10:4, it seems that he might have written each vision AS he was receiving it.
So let me make some observations.
(1) Thunder speaks of very severe judgment. There is still “final wrath” to come upon the world.
      10:6, 11; 11:14; 15:1
(2) This communication from the angel indicates that the 70th week is about to come to an end, which suggests that a new series of visions will come, related to “there will be delay no longer.” V. 10:6
(3) What has been delayed is the final wrath of God on the kingdom of the beast and the unbelieving earth-dwellers in order to bring in the promised blessings to
. Verse 11:14; 15:1
(4) The instruction not to write suggests “not yet” rather than not ever.
(5) It does not make sense for God to reveal something and then say, “Oh wait, never mind about that.”
(6) The next visions will be severe judgment based on the “bitter” tasting book, and will involve further judgment on “many peoples, nations, languages and kings.”
(7) The next severe judgment will come through the SEVEN bowls of final wrath. Rev. 15-16
(8) It could be that the angel was simply telling him to wait until he gets more information.
(9) Does this violate “seal up . . . and don’t write.”? Not necessarily. Especially in view of Rev. 22:10, “do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book.”
So at 10:4, the implication is “do not write
.” Later, he is given instruction to “not seal.”
And this would include the information he received earlier that was “put on hold.”
So eventually he DID in fact write about the thunders, when he got more specific information. I.E. the 7 bowls of the final wrath of God.

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