PSALM 119:33-40  


 PSALM 119 Verses 33-40
The Viewpoint File

The letter He (hā) means WINDOW. It is used here to present the divine OUTLOOK on life.

Verse 33 - The Study Entry

1. Teach me: yArAh as a hiphil imperative. The qal means to throw or to shoot.
The hiphil is the causative stem and thus we have, cause to throw at me and thus to teach.

Remember that the imperative Ė command to God Ė expresses humility dependence on Him; on His provisions and resources for experiencing eternal life blessings in time (here on earth).

2. The way of your statutes: derek: + choq. This is a decree from Divine sovereignty.
The way of life; value system proclaimed in your statutes.
This gives an outlook on life that reflects Divine design for the human race.

3. And I shall observe it: nAtsar, as seen before means to watch, guard, keep, focus on.
The issue here is to follow the standards that one is taught. It refers to the application of divine viewpoint in every area of life based on soul content.

4. to the end: qebh - ie., the end of my life or as long as I live.  
This is the acceptance of the Divine value system as oneís way of life Ė IN PRINCIPLE.
It expresses the FOREVER ATTITUDE which promises to be faithful to God as long as one lives. It does not mean that one never sins but expresses the INTENT not to sin.


Verse 34 Ė The Perception Entry

1. Give me understanding: biyn as a hiphil imperative. This amplifies study with the desire to comprehend spiritual reality as revealed by Godís truth.

2. And I shall observe your law: Again, the verb is nAtsar. This refers to the meditation on and evaluation of truth which should follow all doctrinal instruction.
TorAh refers to the instruction that comes from the teaching of verse 33 (yArAh).

3. And keep it: shAmar means to guard and to follow. It refers to application of that truth in every area of life.

4. With all my heart: the total dedication to truth that true perception should produce.
5. This is the appl1caUon of spiritual truths to oneís life in SPECIFIC areas.

Verse 35 - The pleasure entry:  motivation for application in the specific areas of life.

1.  Make me walk: dArak as a hiphil imperative. The verb means to tread upon or march.
It indicates a specific area or pathway upon which to walk.

     A. The hiphil stem is causative. It means to cause to walk. Thus, to lead or direct.

     B. Direct my way of life. Again the imperative communicates humility and the dedication

     C. God does not MAKE the believer walk, obey or follow truth. But He reminds and urges and
      encourages. This command and attitude trusts God to continue to provide guidance so  that the result
      will be Ė to walk on the way of Godís commandments.

2. in the way of: nAthiybh indicates the specific, physical paths for following divine design.
As at Proverbs 3:17, the feminine form, nethiybhAh, ďher ways are peace.Ē
See also Ps. 119:105, ďYour word is . . . a light to my path.Ē

3. your commandments: mitswAh - the specific guidelines for spiritual and moral1iving.

4. God fulfills this desire by the two previous principles of growth - instruction and perception.

5. Because: kiy - reason for this dedication attitude. The reason he wants to continually walk in the way of Godís word is because it is PLEASANT.

6. I delight in it: chAphats - find pleasure in. that is, the specific overt way of life designed and mandated by God.

7. Motivation for obedience is the pleasure reality found in the Divine value system.

Verse 36 - The Priority Entry

1. Incline my heart: nAtAh as a hiphil imperative. It means to influence or to motivate.
Once again this is based on the instruction and perception stages of growth.

2. To your testimonies: duth
The real issue in the divine value system is that which communicates Godís character and works to the human race.

3. And not to gain: The word, betas, indicates wrongful gain; usually acquired by dishonesty and violence.
It refers to materialism lust as that which directly opposes the promised blessings of the abundant life.

4. Materialism lust (rich mindedness) wages a very real attack on believers. 2 Tim. 6.9-10; Luke 12.15       .

5. The only real protection is orientation to the character and plan of God through his testimonies. Principle found at Matthew 6:25-30.

Verse 37 - The Correction Entry

1. Turn away my eyes: `Abhar as a hiphil imperative. Again, the imperative of humility dependence on God. God provides the evaluation, conviction and resources to turn away from evil

2. From looking at: mental occupation with human viewpoint values.

3. vanity: shAwe - emptiness, worthlessness; That Which does not promote the viewpoint and plan of God. Usually this is some aspect of HUMAN logic or emotionalism, for that is what is attractive and tempting to a believer in pressure situations.

The TRUSTING believer relies upon Godís word to provide the RIGHT answers to the pressure.
The imperative of humility recognizes the power of human solutions and beseeches God to continually provide assistance to make the right decisions.

4. And revive me: chAyAh as a piel imperative again, has the idea of  preserving alive, to let live, to restore to life. Here as at verse 25, and again at verse 40, itís preservation of abundant life blessings in an antagonistic environment. In humility dependence on God, he relies upon Him to maintain his fellowship experience by providing REMINDER factors for meditating on Godís word. Maintain (preserve) my quality of life.

5. in your ways: be + derek (plural) refers to Godís viewpoint and policy for our life.

Verse 38 - The Reverence Entry

1. Establish: qum as a hiphil imperative means to raise up, establish, confirm.
2. your word:
íimrAh - communication from the creator recognized in humility by the creature who accepts his servant status.

3. to your servant: `ebhed always expresses service humility.
4. as that which produces reverence for you: This is le + yirAh and occurs only here in Psalm 119. Le is a directional preposition to indicate cause, result, or effect.

5. This is the first time the fear of the LORD is mentioned in this Psalm.

     A. The adjective occurs 2 times; verses 74, 79
     B. The verb occurs 2 times; verses 63, 120

6. See topic: THE FEAR OF THE LORD       

Verse 39 - The Deliverance Entry

1. Turn away: `Abhar as a hiphil imperative means to take away, and once again expresses humility dependence on God.

2. my reproach: cherpAh - the scornf'ul antagonism directed personally against me.

3. which I dread: yAgor - the personal fear and pressure which plagues him. Cf. Job 3:25 and 9:28.

4. For: kiy Ė because. Introduces the basis for humility dependence on God is the nature of Godís word.
5. your ordinances: mishpAt - standards and expressions of justice
6. are good: tobh Ė beneficial.

Verse 40 - The Desire Entry

1. Behold: hinah - exclamation of personal focus which expresses his dedication to God.
2. I long for: tA
íābh is a verb that expresses intense desire.
3. your precepts: piqqudh - appointed standards for living on Godís terms

4. revive me: chAyAh - maintain my quality of life
5. in your righteousness: be + tsedAqAh = in the sphere of.

The only bona fide outlook on life is the viewpoint of divine righteousness. And the only way to experience abundant life blessings here on earth is by living according to those righteous standards.
The believer proclaims his devotion to Godís word and then expresses humility dependence on Him to fulfill His promise of preserving quality of life.


Verse 33, The Study Entry: The divine viewpoint way of life is maintained based on learning and using Godís word.

Verse 34, The Perception Entry: Dedication to the divine value system is dependent on understanding Godís word.

Verse 35, The Pleasure Entry: True spiritual dedication finds pleasure in learning and following Godís word.

Verse 36, The Priority Entry:  The functional believer places greater value in learning truth than on the pursuit of material possessions.

Verse 37, The Correction Entry:  The believerís quality of life is maintained by recognizing and controlling areas of weakness.

Verse 38, The Reverence Entry:  Consistent occupation with God is only possible through knowledge and application of His word.

Verse 39, The Deliverance Entry:  Vindication of the believerís testimony comes from God, and is based on the standards of His word.

Verse 40, The Desire Entry:  Consistency in experiencing abundant life blessing here on earth is based on maintaining a consistent dedication to God.



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