LEVITICUS 26:14-33  



26:14-33 - Outline of the five cycles of discipline.

A. Cycle #1: Lev. 26:14-17 - General identification: PLAGUE
V. 14-15 - failure to follow the divine mandate for the nation.
V. 16 - economic recession, health problems
V. 17 - crime, war, border disputes, enemy invasion.

B. Cycle #2: Lev. 26:18-20 - General identification: FAMINE
V. 18 - intensification of discipline when failure continues.

1. "7 times" is idiomatic to communicate the principle of intensification.

2. Each cycle incorporates the characteristics of the previous cycle and adds its own.

V. 19 - 20 - failure of the economy; severe economic depression.
Uses terminology for an agricultural economy.

C. Cycle #3: Lev. 26:21-22 - General identification: ENVIRONMENT
V. 21 - Intensification
V. 22 - beasts of the field represents the encroachment of nature upon society which causes hardship and death. Fear restricts travel.

There is the possibility that "beasts of the field" could speak of society running amok through the increase of crime.

D. Cycle #4: Lev. 26:23-26 - General identification: FOREIGN OCCUPATION
V. 23-24- Intensification
V. 25-26- Military defeat with the plague and famine attendant.

E. Cycle #5: Lev. 26;27-33 - General identification: NATIONAL DESTRUCTION
V. 27-28 - intensification
V. 29, cannibalism that results from extreme famine conditions during foreign invasion.
V. 30 - destruction of worship heritage.
V. 31 - destruction of cities
V. 32 - Natural and material resources are desolated
V. 33 - Population captured and scattered outside the land.




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