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Baptismal Regeneration


BM> I encourage people to baptize their babies--infant baptism BM> takes away original sin.
BM>I'm quoting from Luther's Small Catechism with Scripture verses. BM> Article 249. Who is to be baptized? BM>ALL NATIONS, that is, all human beings, YOUNG and old, are to be baptized. BM> Article 250. What distinction is to be made in baptizing? A. Those who can receive instruction are to be baptized after they have been instructed in the principal BM> doctrines of the Christian religion. BM> (Those who accepted what he said were baptized. Acts 2:41.)<

So far - it is in line with scripture. RECOGNIZING the volitional responsibility from each person individually.

BM> B. Little children should be baptized when they are BM>brought to Baptism by those who have authority over them. BM>(And you fathers, don't make your children BM>angry, but raise them by letting the Lord train BM>and correct them. Eph. 6:4.)<

1. The verse has nothing to do with getting the babies baptized.
2. It is terribly mistranslated from the Greek. NASB - Eph. 6:4, And, fathers, do not provoke your children to anger; but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. This translation represents accurately the Greek, except with the word, "bring them up" - ektrephō = nourish. Therefore, "but nourish them in the discipline . . ."

BM> Article 251.How do you prove that infants, too, are to be baptized? BM>Infants, too, are to be baptized-- BM>A. Because they are included in the words "all people"; BM>(Go make disciples of ALL PEOPLE; Baptize them in the name of the BM>Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Matt. 28:19.)<

But they aren't included in the phrase "make disciples". Cant make disciples of infants.

BM>(Peter answered them, Repent and be baptized, BM>EVERYONE of you, in the name of Jesus Christ, Acts 2:38, 39.)<

Infants cant REPENT.

BM>B. Because Holy Baptism is the ONLY MEANS whereby BM>infants, who, too, MUST be born again, can BM>ordinarily be regenerated and brought to faith.<

This of course fails to recognize that it is FAITH that brings us to the place of receiving ALL the saving benefits of God's provision - including regeneration. Faith comes first - then born again.
See topic: baptismal regeneration

RE: the children of Mark 10:13-15 - BM>God's kingdom BELONGS TO SUCH AS THESE. I tell you the truth, IF YOU BM>DON'T RECEIVE GOD'S KINGDOM LIKE A LITTLE CHILD, YOU WILL NOT BM>GET INTO IT. Mark 10:13-15.<

Here- many people miss the the intent of the language. The word "like" introduces an analogy - not a model. In the same way that the child expresses genuine humility ie, a dependence on others and a life that functions within that context of dependence - - So must man express his dependence on God through faith in the Messiah.
See commentary:
Matthew 18:1-10

BM>C. Because infants, too, can believe. BM>If anyone leads into sin of these little ones who believe in Me, it BM>would be better for him to have a big millstone hung around his neck BM>and be drowned in the lake where it's deep. Matt. 18:6.<

The phrase - "one of these little ones who believe in Me" picks up from the analogy and refers to the one who has trusted in Christ - not to the child.

BM>Since babies are born into this world with the sin of Adam--Original BM>Sin--then must be cleansed. Baptism is the only means provided.<

1. This of course, has been a subject of much debate. Water does not cleanse from sin. Faith in Christ's work on the cross is the only thing that can cleanse from sin. If someone *depends* on water to save them - they are depending on works and just go deeper and deeper into the debt of owing God what they cannot repay (Rom. 4:1-5). The result will be - judgment in the lake, because God will not accept any human works as that which saves. "all our righteousness (works) are as filthy rags," Is. 64:6.

2. Point of doctrine concerning "Adam's sin."
See the THEORY of imputed sin.

An important question is - why baptize the child? Such a practice should be based on the Bible. It is our ONLY rule for doctrine AND policy. There is no mention anywhere in the Bible that teaches the practice of baptizing children. It should be practiced based on what the Bible teaches and not on what a church or religion or tradition or man teaches. What is the purpose of baptism? See the studies linked above for the DETAILS.

Baptism is a ritual that symbolizes a person's salvation. It is a CHOSEN action in the same way that trusting in Christ is a CHOSEN expression. Baptism should only be done to those who have believed in Christ. It is a symbol of salvation, NOT a token or promise or pledge. If it becomes a religious ritual without the REALITY of salvation, then it has no spiritual value. Only those who SAVED and UNDERSTAND what it is all about should be baptized. Mark 1:4 "John the baptizer came into the wilderness proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins." Repent means to change your mind. You hear about the gospel of God and you change your mind about God and trust in Him. This results in forgiveness of sins. Thus, "repentance FOR the forgiveness of sins." But it is AFTER the repentance that the baptism occurs. Infants cannot repent. Small children can be saved by truly believing in Jesus as their savior. Baptism for them would come later after they truly UNDERSTAND what it means. But never would it occur BEFORE salvation. How can the ACT symbolize what does not exist? Would someone be wrong in baptizing their children? Not in the sense of SINFUL. But it is not a biblically authorized practice and it did absolutely no good, spiritually. It MIGHT have been used later kind of like a catalyst for learning more and even believing in Christ, but just because it MAY have had a positive affect, that does not make it right. Baptism is a choice made by the person going under the water, not by someone else.


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