BFBSI is a religious non-profit corporation organized for the purpose of interpreting and communicating the Word of God (the Bible) through this web site and through live Bible studies.
Ronald Grant Wallace is the primary theologian and Bible Teacher associated with this organization.

An additional Mission Statement as well as the DOCTRINAL STATEMENT of BFBSI is located via the link indicated in this sentence.

Ronald Grant Wallace was born on April 30, 1948
and born again on April 30, 1966.

He is "informally" but thoroughly educated in theology and the original languages, having graciously gleaned from the insight and scholarship of others.
His credentials, therefore, reside in the content of the message.

Ron was ordained in November, 1973 at Berean Fundamental Church (now know as Brookings Bible Church) in Brookings, Oregon, having been recognized by Ralph G. Braun and other pastor-teachers, as possessing the spiritual gift of pastor-teacher.
From 1983 to 2002 he pastored the congregation of Calaveras Bible Fellowship in Milpitas, California, where he taught various Bible studies 6 times a week.

Theologically, Ron is a conservative, fundamental, evangelical, categorical dispensationalist. Details of his theological perspective is represented in the various articles and doctrinal outlines found on the Bible Fragrances Website.


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