POINT of comparison between the trumpets and the bowls:

There are some who believe that the trumpets are not "followed" by the bowls in a chronological order, but that the bowls are simply restatements of the judgments represented in the trumpets.

A comparison of all of the trumpets and bowls will reveal the fact that there are significant differences between them.
But before the comparison is made there is something that should remove any NEED for making a comparison.
Trumpet 5 and 6 are the first and second woe.
When they are over, a third woe is yet to come.
After the 6th trumpet (the 2nd woe), the chronology is interrupted from 9:21 until 11:14.
The chronology is resumed at 11:14 with, "the second woe (6th trumpet) is past; behold the third woe is coming quickly."
Then the 7th trumpet sounds at 11:15, and basically announces all the things that will come to pass as God's plan for setting up the mil kingdom moves to completion.
There is nothing in this passage that would constitute the third WOE. But at 11:19, there are signs that indicate something really terrible is about to happen.
At this point with chapters 12-15, there is a break in the chronology for a parenthesis that flashes back to previous events from the midpoint of the week and forward.
And then at Rev. 16, the 7 bowls are poured out.
The 7 bowls are the third woe.

Regarding the 1st trumpet and bowl, there are no similarities.
Trumpet #1 is a judgment on 1/3 of "agriculture" of the earth.
It is on the actual PHYSICAL earth.

Bowl#1 (Rev. 16:2) is a judgment on "people"
Trumpet #1 is a FIERY judgment on vegetation.
Bowel #1 is a HEALTH judgment on people.

The SECOND Trumpet: Revelation 8:8-9

And the second angel sounded, and {something} like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea; and a third of the sea became blood; and a third of the creatures, which were in the sea and had life, died; and a third of the ships were destroyed.
The effect is that 1/3 of the sea is polluted, and all life in that 1/3 area of the sea is killed. Also all sea-going vessels are destroyed, which effectively shuts down all shipping activity in that same area. Again, this could be a separate direct act of God and not be related to trumpet #1 at all. This judgment is likewise limited in its scope. The land mass is not affected, but only ONE THIRD of the SEA is polluted.

POINT of comparison:

The 2nd trumpet is a "partial" judgment on the salt water resources.
Trumpet #2 shows us that only ONE THIRD of the sea creatures are killed and 1/3 of sea vessels are destroyed.
Bowl #2 shows us that "EVERY sea creature is killed even though the sea itself is not destroyed.

The THIRD trumpet: Rev. 8:10-11

And the third angel sounded, and a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of waters; and the name of the star is called Wormwood; and a third of the waters became wormwood; and many men died from the waters, because they were made bitter.

In this case it is not so much a "destructive" force as it is a major pollutant that affects 1/3 of the FRESH water supply in the earth. This judgment as well seems to result from something falling from the sky. Whether this be a "natural" item or one of man's machines is not clear and does not really matter.

POINT of comparison:

Trumpet #3 is "partial" poisoning only a third of the fresh water supplies.
Revelation 16:4 for Bowl #3. Seem to be much more widespread than just 1/3. And there is no “mountain” falling into the sea. This is the only place where there is a very close similarity between the two judgments. But of course, ONE similarity does not make all of them respectively equal to the other.

The FOURTH trumpet: Rev. 8:12

And the fourth angel sounded, and a third of the sun and a third of the moon and a third of the stars were smitten, so that a third of them might be darkened and the day might not shine for a third of it, and the night in the same way.

A massive atmospheric "blackout" which shuts down the light that reaches the earth. This will have an affect on agriculture, health and climate not to mention the resultant chaos and trauma.

The blackout of the 4th trumpet is an ON-GOING event that continues over several days. It can thus be said that "the day might not shine for a third of it, and the night in the same way."
This judgment has an on-going (day to day) effect on the environment.

POINT of comparison: The two are TOTALLY different
Bowl #4 (Rev. 16:8) is an effect on the sun which causes an intensification of its heat and results in severe burns on people.
Trumpet 4 LESSENS the light
Bowl 4 intensifies the light

The Last Three trumpets entail "the 3 woes." Rev. 8:13

And I looked, and I heard an eagle flying in mid heaven, saying with a loud voice, "Woe, woe, woe, to those who dwell on the earth, because of the remaining blasts of the trumpet of the three angels who are about to sound!"

There is absolutely no similarity between the 5th trumpet and the 5th bowl.
Trumpet #5 represents a demon army released to torment the unbelievers alive on the earth by causing physical pain.
Bowel #5 represents a darkness judgment on the beast's kingdom that results in extreme cold. The people are in pain from that cold and the sores caused by the scorching sun from the previous bowl judgment.

Rev. 9:12
"The first woe is past; behold, two woes are still coming after these things."

Rev. 9:13-19

Trumpet #6 represents the movement of a great military force that actually KILLS 1/3 of the earths population in its march toward Palestine. The reference to the Euphrates river, and the 4 "directional" angels, simply indicates that this army originates in the area NORTH of Palestine and that its march is toward all four directions before finally settling in Palestine as a result of the influence from demons (Rev. 16:14, 16).

Bowl #6 represents the making of a pathway so that a specific army from the East might march toward Palestine. Nothing is said of killing people. Instead, the context of verses 13-16 indicates that the purpose for bowl #6 is to gather the world's armies into the Palestinian area for the battle of Armageddon.

The 7th trumpet cannot be compared to the 7th bowl.
The 7th trumpet is an ANNOUNCEMENT trumpet.
It announces the end of the 70th week and announces the third woe, which is comprised of the 7 bowls.
In the same way that the trumpets will come out from the 7th seal, likewise the bowls will come out from the 7th trumpet.

See the study: The 7th Trumpet and the bowl judgments

The 7th bowl is a stand alone judgment on the entire earth.
Revelation 16:17-21,

Rev. 16:17
And the seventh one poured out his bowl upon the air; and a loud voice came out of the temple from the throne, saying, "It is done."

"it is done" indicates this judgment is the last one of those announced at Rev. 15:1,
"the 7 plagues which are the last."

Rev. 16:18
And there were flashes of lightning and sounds and peals of thunder; and there was a great earthquake, such as there had not been since man came to be upon the earth, so great an earthquake {was it, and} so mighty.

More cosmic signs, which will occur several times after the initial signs that announce the arrival of Jesus.
The result is that cities are destroyed, Islands sink and mountains crumble. Attendant with this will be huge blocks of ice falling upon the earth causing more death and destruction.

Rev. 16:19-20
And the great city was split into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell. And Babylon the great was remembered before God, to give her the cup of the wine of His fierce wrath.
And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found. (verse 21) And huge hailstones, about one hundred pounds each, came down from heaven upon men; and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail, because its plague was extremely severe.

This is a judgment upon the people of the nations, whereas the "armies" of the nations will be judged separately as they are gathered at Armageddon.
Notice that there is still time for people to continue in their blaspheming of God and in their rejection of His salvation provision.

The great earthquake that is felt throughout the world is probably
triggered by the physical descent of Jesus onto the Mount of Olives as is described at Zech. 14:4.
It is in connection with the 7th bowl judgment that Jesus will come down ONTO the earth to physically confront the rebellious nations in the Middle East.
He will go first to Edom, then to Jerusalem and lastly to Megiddo for the battle of Armageddon, which is described at Rev. 19:17-21.
A very detailed study of the movement of troops toward the final confrontation with Jesus at Armageddon is at:
When Armies Move

This physical descent COULD BE what is described at Rev. 19:11-16. However, I prefer to see this as the final SUMMARY statement of the event that initially triggers all the DOL events; the initial arrival of Jesus that was portrayed earlier at the 6th seal.
See study on this at:
Revelation 19:11-16.



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