Among the group of men who translated the KJV of 1611 was someone who either KNEW of William Shakespear and wanted to honor him, or WAS William Shakespear.

This man used Psalm 46 to provide an historical witness to the life of Shakespear.
It was either a personal autograph by William himself or a memorial by a respectful fan.

William Shakespear was born in 1564.
In the year 1610, while the translation was being made, he was 46 years old.
He died in 1616.
It was at this time, when William was 46 years old that HE or someone else decided to place a memorial to Shakespear within the text of Psalm 46.

Now, get ANY KJV of 1611 and turn to Psalm 46.
Count down, starting with verse one, 46 words. Do not count the title or selah.
You will find at verse 3 that the 46th word is SHAKE.

Now, count UP from the bottom 46 words.
You will find at verse 9 that the 46th word is SPEAR.

This tells us:

1. That William Shakespear or someone who wanted to honor him was on the translation team for the King James Bible of 1611.
2. It also tells us that the King James Version of 1611, translated into the Old English is NOT INSPIRED OF GOD.

The original manuscripts of the Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek ARE INSPIRED.
Any translation from those manuscripts is NOT inspired.


If you know and are dealing with anyone who believes in a KJV only philosophy and believes that ONLY that version is truly inspired of God, then THIS piece of information, more than anything else should cause their head to spin and hopefully bring them back to spiritual sanity.


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