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The following survey is presented from the premise that the Day of the LORD is a period of time, that is sometimes viewed from its inception, sometimes from its description, sometimes from what happens during the time period, and sometimes the blessings that come after the judgments. It is also presented from the perspective that the Day of the LORD does not begin until sometime after the midpoint of Daniel's 70th week, during the oppressive reign of the world ruler, known in the New Testament, as the man of lawlessness (2 Thessalonians 2:1-4). The passages surveyed are only those that have a direct reference to the term, Day of the Lord.
Sometimes the mention of the arrival of the day occurs as a summary statement within a passage that is giving a description of what will happen during the day.
Is. 13:9-10; 66:15-16



1. Economic and religious hardship for the Jews in Palestine during the time of Jacob's distress. Joel 1:13-20

2. Edom's oppression of Israel in the day of their distress. Obadiah 10-14
(Zephaniah 2:8, Moab and Ammon are oppressing Israel)

3. Unbelievers in Israel will be longing for the DAY, thinking that it will be deliverance for them. Amos 5:18

4. But the nation is in apostasy and that DAY will be darkness and not light. (unbelievers will be removed in judgment). Amos 5:20

5. Warning and preparation before the DAY. Joel 2:1

6. Exhortation to wait for God in view of His coming judgments. Zephaniah

7. Elijah will come and provide an evangelistic appeal to Israel. Malachi 4:5

8. Plea for humility. Zephaniah 1:7

9. Spiritual recovery is exhorted through humility adjustment to God's standards. Zephaniah 2:1-3

10. Elijah's ministry will produce many Jewish converts. Malachi 4:6

11. Earthquakes and heavenly signs precede the DAY. Joel 2:10

12. Signs and wonders in the sky and on the earth. Joel 2:30-31

13. Signs of the DAY's arrival will cause great terror. Isaiah 13:7-8, 10, 13.

14. Potential for conversion and deliverance before the DAY. Joel 2:32

15. Those who will be delivered are described as having moral and spiritual integrity. Amos 5:14-15

16. Those who adjust to God on His terms before the DAY, will escape judgment. Zephaniah 2:3

17. The issue in deliverance is escape OUT FROM the Day of the Lord judgments (curse). Malachi 4:6b



1. Destruction from the Almighty. Joel 1:15

2. Day of darkness and gloom, clouds and thick darkness. Joel 2:2a

3. Indeed great and very awesome. Joel 2:11b

4. Darkness and not light. Amos 5:20

5. Destruction from the Almighty. Isaiah 13:6

6. Cruel; burning anger; desolate the land; exterminate sinners. Isaiah 13:9

7. Punish the world for its evil; put an end to the proud. Isaiah 13:11

8. A sacrifice prepared by God. Zephaniah 1:7b

9. Title: Day of the Lord's sacrifice: Zephaniah 1:8

10. Title: Day of the Lord's wrath: Zephaniah 1:18

11. Title: Day of the Lord's anger: Zephaniah 2:2

12. Day of clouds; time of doom for the nations. Ezekiel 30:3



1. An invasion by a Northern army: Joel 2:2b-9

a. The army is mustered and guided by God as the permissive side to His plan is administered. Joel 2:11a

b. Judgment on the land of Judah: ecological, religious and physical. Zephaniah 1:2-6

c. Judgment on the whole land of Canaan. Zephaniah 2:4-7

d. judgment on leadership of Israel. Zephaniah 1:8-12

e. Houses and lands of Israel pillaged by invading army. Zephaniah 1:13 (cf. Zechariah 14:2)

f. Massive destruction from an invading army. Zephaniah 1:14-18

g. Oppression by invading armies. Isaiah 13:14-16

2. Great population depletion through judgment. Isaiah 13:12

3. Complete end of the inhabitants of the land. Zephaniah 1:18b

4. During the warfare, a sword on Egypt. Ezekiel 30:4a

5. Anguish on Ethiopia: Ezekiel 30:4b

6. Egypt is plundered: Ezekiel 30:7

7. Egypt's allies will fall by the sword. Ezekiel 30:8

8. Assault on Ethiopia will be administered by messengers in ships (king of the West). Ezekiel 30:9

9. Divine destruction of the invading army in order to deliver Israel. Joel 2:18

a. The Northern army will be split into 3 parts and destroyed. Joel 2:20.

b. The deliverance will be complete and permanent. They will never again be a reproach. Joel 2:19

10. Edom will be judged. Obadiah Verses 10-15
Egypt and Edom will be judged. Joel 3:19

11. Israel will participate in a military victory over Edom. Obadiah Verse 18

12. Moab and Ammon will be physically defeated by Israel. Zephaniah 2:9

13. All nations will be gathered to the valley of judgment. Joel 3:1-3

a. All nations will be judged in Israel. Obadiah Verses 15-16
b. The gathering is described at Joel 3:9-14

14. The Lord descends to the valley after first being in Jerusalem. Joel 3:15-16

a. Massive darkness precedes the Lord's arrival at the valley. Joel 3:15

b. At the time of this final victory, God will deal with all her enemies and save the afflicted.
Zephaniah 3:16-19

15. There will be many converts during the Day. Zephaniah 3:9a

16. Evangelistic impact from the judgments. Ezekiel 30:8a

17. On Mt. Zion, Jewish believers will escape the judgment which comes upon the nations. Obadiah Verse 17a



1. Then the Messiah will dwell in Zion. Joel 3:17

2. After the defeat of the invaders and restoration to national honor,
the Holy Spirit will be given to the people of Israel. Joel 2:26

3. Celebration in view of Messiah's 2nd advent victory. Zephaniah 3:14-17

4. Israel will possess her divine land grant. Obadiah Verses 17b, 19-21

a. Remnant of Israel will possess the land of Canaan. Zephaniah 2:7
b. After the defeat of Moab and Ammon. Zeph. 2:9
c. Kingdom prosperity and blessing. Joel 2:21-27 (verse 26, never put to shame again).
d. Economic prosperity in the kingdom. Joel 3:18
e. Fulfillment of Israel's covenant promises. Joel 3:20-21
f. Kingdom promotion and blessing - Israel regathered. Zephaniah 3:20

5. After the judgments, all surviving nations will acknowledge divine sovereignty. Zephaniah 2:11b

6. During the kingdom, all peoples will worship God. Zephaniah 3:9b-10

7. The kingdom remnant in Israel. Zephaniah 3:11-13


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