Evening comes early it so appears,
As rain-swelled clouds engulf the coastal sky.
Barely heard now - a distant seagull's cry,
Heralds the storm that swiftly nears.

As the cloudy darkness dims the light,
The ocean's blue dims to a greenish gray.
The flame of day begins to fade away,
While gales assail the once peaceful sight.

The smooth rhythm of the ocean's tide,
Abruptly turns into chaotic song.
The gentle singing of the sea is gone,
As violent sea and shore collide.

Blackness now enshrouds the beaten shore;
As crashing waves are heard throughout the night.
The storm unleashes all its massive might,
And arrogantly echoes its roar.

Then the welcomed light of dawn slips through,
Where clouds have been dispersed and chased away.
Darkness, slowly fading, gives place to day,
And sun bursts forth with golden hue.


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İRon Wallace, http://www.biblefragrances.com. Anyone is free to reproduce this material and distribute it,
but it may not be sold under any circumstances whatsoever without the author's consent.


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