"It is enough," He said,
Now "let us go from here."
Is beckoning
The kiss of death is near.

'Cross the river Kidron,
The garden where he prayed,
With bended knee
His agony
Upon the Father laid.

Still dark, the soldiers came,
Disciple in their midst;
To apprehend
His guiltless friend
Whom the betrayer kissed.

Secured and led away
To face the courts of man,
Falsely accused,
Beaten and bruised
"Prophesy if you can."

Satan, Jews and Romans
Joined hands in infamy.
In shameless pride
They crucified
And claimed the victory.

But there on Calv'ry's cross
A greater vic'try won;
The sins of man,
Placed on The Man
Our Savior, God the Son.

Then He cried, "It's finished."
Sins heavy debt was paid.
He bowed his head,
The Son was dead
God's justice thus displayed.

Three days and nights he lay
Within the sealed tomb;
The Spirit's call
As proof to all
The grave did not consume.

Seated now in heaven
In honor at the Throne.
Till in vic'try
And great glory
He comes to claim His own.


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