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GRACE NOTES — Grace Notes Home Page ... All materials and services are FREE.
Pastor Bruce Einspahr
Kennewick, Washington

Pastor Larry Hofmann
Glendale, Arizona

Ron Merryman and Carl Denti,
  Word of Truth — Word of Truth is a non-profit organization founded by Chester A. McCalley for the purpose of distributing Bible study materials that provide a clear understanding of the text and why God presented it the way He did.

Youth on Track — American Freedom Assembly is focused on getting America's youth back on track for the new millennium. Featuring Ranger Gary Horton.

Maranatha Chruch — Maranatha Church is an independent, non-denominational, evangelical church devoted to teaching the Bible verse-by-verse from the original languages. This site is for those who are searching for clearly documented Bible Teaching.

—'s Bible Study Toolsฎ are designed to facilitate in-depth study and exploration of God's Word. As the largest resource of its kind on the Internet, this powerful free resource embodies our corporate mission: to equip people to grow in their faith and apply it practically in their lives.

Biblical Studies Foundation — The Biblical Studies Foundation is a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of distributing sound, evangelical Bible study materials in electronic format so those with small personal libraries or without access to a local Bible college or seminary library, etc., may have access to sound biblical studies from their home.

— Bible resources at discount prices.

— Here is an excellent website for Christian answers on current issues with great fun and learning for the KIDS. 

      PreWrath Rapture Links Page
A variety of sites that promote the PreWrath rapture of the church.

Tom's use of visual charts and tables often make clear, and put into perspective, harder concepts in the Word of God.

 Robert P. McLaughlin — Grace Bible Church, Robert R. McLaughlin Bible Ministries — We are a non-denominational church dedicated to teaching the Word of God from the original languages and making it available at no charge throughout the world.

Abiding in the Word — My name is Frank J. Gallagher from Philadelphia, PA, and welcome to the Abiding In The Word home page. Whether you are an unbeliever who wants to learn more about Christianity, or a believer who wants to grow in your relationship with God, it is my prayer that this ministry can help you.

Bible Doctrine Home Page — Colonel R. B. Thieme, Jr. of Berachah Church is the inspiration for The Bible Doctrine Home Page, but does not sponsor it and is not officially affiliated with it.

 Grace Memorial Bible Chruch — This web site is provided under the teaching ministry of Grace Memorial Bible Church of Biloxi, Mississippi and Madisonville, Louisiana. Grace Memorial Bible Church is an evangelical, non-charismatic local assembly. It is a Bible teaching ministry encouraging the face-to-face, expositional teaching of the Word of God.

The Ankerberg Theological Research Institute — Producer and host of the nationally televised John Ankerberg Show, a half-hour program seen in all 50 states via independent stations, the INSP Network, the DAYSTAR Network, and on the SKY ANGEL Satellite, numerous cable outlets, as well as on the internet. The program can be seen each week by a potential viewing audience in excess of 99 million people. John presents contemporary spiritual issues and defends biblical/Christian answers.


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